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Simple Day Cutting Board Casa Buon Appetito 23x30cm

Simple Day Cutting Board Casa Buon Appetito 23x30cm

SKU: 10012667
€41.95 Regular Price
€35.66Sale Price

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Cutting board home decor Buon Appetito dim.23 x 30cm
    A sensational appetizer to make at home or even just present your appetizers or tastings
    Size: 23 x 30 cm
    Engraved Good Appetite decoration
    Item made of oak wood, treated with food grade mineral oil.
    Do not wash in dishwasher
    Keep it in contact with water as little as possible, otherwise it will be ruined; wash the cutting board under running water with soap. Dry it quickly with a dishcloth and hold it up until completely dry. The whole process must be quick so that the wood does not absorb water.
    We recommend treating the cutting board with specific oil for cutting boards to keep its beauty intact; scratches from use that will appear with use are normal: they will fade over time until they disappear.
    Designed in Italy
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