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Horomia Spray-on Fabric White 250ml

Horomia Spray-on Fabric White 250ml

SKU: 8057949150541



Thanks to its innovative blend designed WITHOUT the addition of ALCOHOL and GAS, it is suitable for all types of fabrics, even the most delicate ones such as silk and cashmere, it does not stain and does not leave streaks. It also contains molecules that NEUTRALIZE bad odors.

Ideal for curtains, car interiors, upholstery, and for all your laundry. Let yourself be enveloped by the Horomia fragrances, your life will be persuaded by fragrant emotions that you will never want to leave.

HOW TO USE: Shake before using. Just a few sprays directly on the fabrics at a distance of about 20 cm to give an enveloping feeling of freshness and clean, which lasts over time.

OLFACTORY NOTE: top: aldehyde notes, lily of the valley. heart: geranium, white rose, green notes. background: musk, vanilla.

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