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Horomia ODOUR OFF Laundry Perfume 250ml

Horomia ODOUR OFF Laundry Perfume 250ml

SKU: 8057949152460

ODOUR OFF contains an active molecule that attacks odor particles on fabrics and neutralizes them. Its unisex fragrance makes it suitable for everyone and for different uses as Sportswear, animals, kitchen smells, smoke odour etc.

Horomia Essences are much more than simple laundry perfumes, dedicated to women who love an extra touch of style, just a few drops added in the washing machine, to obtain perfumed garments capable of giving you sensations of well-being throughout the day.

Available in 50, 250 and 500 ml formats.

HOW TO USE: concentrated product. Shake before using.

IN THE WASHING MACHINE: pour 10/20 ml of product into the washing machine tray dedicated to the last rinse, depending on the intensity of the perfume you want to obtain.

IN THE DRYER: pour a few drops on a handkerchief or piece of tissue and place it inside the dryer.

BY HAND: add 10/20 ml of product every 5 liters of water in the last rinse using protective gloves.

Quantity and use Specifications OLFACTORY NOTE: Fresh, floral, rustic, musky.

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