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Horomia Laundry Perfume Petali di Peonia 500ml

Horomia Laundry Perfume Petali di Peonia 500ml

SKU: 8057949150749



Horomia Essences are much more than simple laundry perfumes, dedicated to women who love an extra touch of style, just a few drops added in the washing machine are enough to obtain perfumed garments able to give you sensations of well-being throughout the day.

Available in 250 and 500 ml format.

HOW TO USE: concentrated product. Shake before using.

IN THE WASHING MACHINE: pour 10/20 ml of product into the washing machine tray dedicated to the last rinse, depending on the intensity of the scent you want to obtain.

IN THE DRYER: pour a few drops on a handkerchief or a piece of fabric and place it inside the dryer.

BY HAND: add 10/20 ml of product every 5 liters of water in the last rinse using protective gloves.

OLFACTORY NOTE: Flowery, Peony.

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