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Rattan decor for Condiments - Naturale 22x22x24 cm

Rattan decor for Condiments - Naturale 22x22x24 cm

SKU: 10011302


Bring Rain condiments in natural rattan

  • Put your oliere, vinegar bottles, salt and pepper carrier and all the traditional and flavored toppings, easily carrying it with the practical handle,from room to room or in the garden
  • Made of rattan, a very durable material that does not splinter, used to also produce sofas and furniture
  • Modern shape makes the topping door perfect for your kitchen
  • To keep the beauty of the product intact, wipe it with a damp cloth and air dry it
  • Keep it safe from moisture and sun exposure
  • Dimensions 22x22x24 cm
  • Made on our recommendation by expert craftsmen in Myanmar (Burma), a country with a centuries-old tradition in the production of articles woven in rattan and bamboo
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