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La Farina Flour Jar D.12cm

La Farina Flour Jar D.12cm

SKU: 10012313
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  • La Farina Flour Jar D.12cm
  • When Baking art and cooking hobbies are calling, the flour is you best ally. Whole-wheat, Wheat, Kamut, choose your favorites to store in our beautiful glass jar!
  • We Choose Borosilicate Glass for its great features: Very Light yet very resistant, easy to clean and bright appearance.
  • The ''L" profile silicone seal ensures a tight seal keeping its contents fresh and protect the glass around the rim.
  • The relief in the seal is to arrest the build up of condensation.
  • Diswasher Safe, we recommend using a mild detergent and a 50 degrees programm.
  • Dimensions: 12cmx20cm
  • Designed in Italy
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